Experts of the company carry out scheduled maintenance activities of computer equipment, help in solving urgent issues, including remotely.

Our differences:

1. The cost of computer maintenance starts at 450 rubles a month.

2. For each client on our website to create a personal account. Here is information about fixed engineers, their mobile phones. So you can leave the application and monitor the execution of applications.

3. For each object of your company are fixed at least two system administrators.

4. We do not follow the practice of "hidden" service, our customers know in advance the cost of all of the work, whether it is major repairs, routine maintenance of computers or servers.

5. The cost of customer service depends on the number of computers.


Work carried out by our engineers with the subscription service:

• Maintenance and service of computers, servers and network equipment;

• Installation, configuration and software upgrades;

• maintenance of computers (system blocks), ie, troubleshooting, upgrading computer equipment;

• carrying out anti-virus diagnostics, virus removal;

• optimization of the computer, server maintenance and network;

• configuration and maintenance of peripheral and network equipment, coordination of activities to address emerging fault;

• Procurement and setting the necessary equipment, spare parts and consumables, software;

• Setting up and testing data backup;

• Arrangements for access to the Internet;

• counseling staff.