Local area networks are an integral part of the modern office. Integration of computers in a network allows you to share a different Office equipment (printers, scanners, fax-modems). If you have a network and a competent administration, easier access to information and its protection.

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The benefits of working with us

  • High efficiency
  • Warranty of 6 months
  • A set of necessary documentation
  • Discounts for further service

In addition to the works on installation, we will help solve problems in installation and maintenance of your it systems:

  • Servers and computers users: supply and installation
  • Licensed software: selection of optimal methods for licensing
  • ATE: delivery and programming, including IP PBX and Association offices
  • Subscriber service system and selection of it specialists

The security system

Office security system is necessary for any company, the magnitude and specificity of your business. Modern security systems are integrated and closely connected to the local network. Already at the design stage of a local computer network, we strongly recommend that you make a plan and lay in it functionality that allows, without significant problems and rewiring exploit meets the needs of your business security system.

You should pay particular attention to this issue, if your business relates to branches: trade, industrial production, logistics, catering (horeca), and many others, where the provision of comprehensive security is especially critical.

Even if for a good business you need a small office, you can deploy the it budget security system that will give you confidence, peace of mind and improve the level of service your clients.

We recommend you not to postpone the issue of comprehensive security for your business in a long box and get advice from our experts who are your local network. We not only guide on what to look out for, but your provider will help you choose the optimum price/quality for our tasks. Our specialists have extensive experience in the delivery, installation and technical support of security systems the best manufacturers that not only will provide full functionality, but also have low operational cost.