Finally there was fresh information about modular smartphone Project Ara. Perhaps the most ambitious project of Google, oriented to the present.

In Mountain View now hosts a conference for developers interested in this direction.

Google started

According to Vladislav Martynov, General Director of Yota Devices, Russian producer has already started working on a tablet with two screens.

The main feature of the device of the future will be back E-Ink-screen similar to that already can be seen in

Less than one year has elapsed since the OnePlus debuted in the mobile market, and the company has already reported the sale of more than a million copies of a single smartphone - One.

The Chinese clearly do not

Hello! It's time for the first 2015 issue Droider Show. Then summarize the CES 2015, talking about the second generation of curved smartphones G Flex 2 from LG, to talk about

The eternal debate on the topic "Who has more?" Between stores Google Play and the App Store finally came to a certain boundary.

Research company appFigures published data showing that store content from Google

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 12:05

Xiaomi announces flagship already January 15

Xiaomi continues to fuel the curiosity of the public. Although it would seem, where else?

Officially, it was reported that on January 15 the Chinese finally present the flagship device.

Despite the fact that the wait will have a few more

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 12:05

Samsung again to change prices in Russia

Electronics manufacturers continues to raise tsens the products in Russia, causing the growth of the "difficult economic situation in the country."

Someone makes it a jerk, causing a storm of discussion in the press, Samsung decided to raise the price

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 12:05

Most powerful smartphone 2014 version AnTuTu

2015 still only got the reins, so all sorts of results and rankings of 2014 continue to be relevant.

Interesting statistics presented a well-known benchmark AnTuTu, which shows the most powerful smartphone of the year.

Thursday, 08 January 2015 15:05

[CES 2015] Sony BRAVIA TV running Android TV

Not among smartphones and wearable electronics rich exhibition CES. In addition to gadgets such sense, manufacturers driven refrigerators, washing machines and televisions.

About the latter will be discussed in this video. Pay attention

Thursday, 08 January 2015 12:05

[CES 2015] Introduction to G Flex 2 from LG

We continue to acquaint you with the news that the producers brought to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015. One of the brightest stars of Las Vegas has become a smartphone G Flex 2, details of which can be found in the video.


Legendary producer of photographic equipment Polaroid presented at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2015 its own smartphone: Selfie, Flip, and Snap.

Distinctive features of the newly devices have become powerful camera and original design. Unfortunately, a

Thursday, 08 January 2015 12:05

BLU become generous 7 smartphones at CES 2015

Company BLU brought to Las Vegas once 7 smartphones of its own production: Vivo Air, Studio Energy, Studio X, Studio X Plus, Studio G, Life One, as well as Life One XL.

Some devices have turned out to be very interesting, not only in price, but

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