Saturday, 14 February 2015 12:05

Game Little Dictator went on Google Play

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Playing with the provocative title Little Dictator and no less provocative content emerged at Google Play.

The novelty ceverokoreysky leader Kim Jong-un riding a rocket hurtling to the West, overcoming all kinds of


In fact, Little Dictator - is a clone of the famous Flappy Birds, seasoned political satire on the theme of Kim Jong-un, so to understand the principles of the game does not take much.

Known fact that the application did not even want to publish to the App Store because of the scandal, but the developers have managed to convince the moderators give the program the green light.

Little Dictator

Little Dictator totally free available for download in Google Play, but the game has advertising. And on some devices, periodic crashes.

Download from Google Play

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